Agriculture trade through the Port

Sorghum Harvest
Sorghum Harvest

With the recent introduction of key Free Trade Agreements, softening of the Australian dollar and ongoing demand from China, USA, Japan and South Korea, there has been a growth in the major agricultural export commodities through the Port of Brisbane.

Nationally, Australian sorghum production is expected to reach 2.2 million tonnes this year with a large proportion to be exported to the growing Chinese market. This is expected to be shipped in both bulk shipments and containers. However, the outlook for winter crops (predominantly wheat) remains below average due to the drought, although some recent rainfalls have improved conditions in local regions.

Cotton ginning is now in full swing and exports are expected to commence from April. The national cotton production is forecast at 2.1 million bales, with the Port of Brisbane likely to handle approximately 40 per cent of this.

A record of 123,464 tonnes of beef trade was exported from Australia in March, marking a record trade month. This result is 16 per cent higher compared to March 2014, and approximately 1 per cent higher than the previous record which was set in October 2014. It is important to note that persistent dry conditions across much of Queensland remains the key driver behind the ongoing high export volumes.

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