Advantages of locating your business at Osprey Estate

The expense of moving containers between the Port wharves and Osprey Estate is extremely cost efficient.

 Osprey Estate is actually situated at the Port of Brisbane, on Port land, allowing for access to a range of port related benefits.

 Osprey Estate has access to the highest road tonnage allowance on Port land, with Super B Double trucks allowed to be loaded to 109 tonnes versus only 73 tonnes allowed on state roads to other industrial estates located off the Port

Extra truck tonnage allows Osprey Estate tenants the ability to move heavier and greater numbers of containers in a single truck movement reducing costs and logistical complexity.

Close proximity to the wharves provides additional variable cost savings due to lower costs associated with lower fuel and container lift charges and no tolls or wait time.

Flexible operating hours at the Port means operations can continue 24/7. Ensuring there are no interruptions to your business.

 Osprey Estate offers 24-hour on-site security, ensuring the safety of your goods and your business operations.

 Osprey Estate offers extremely low outgoings charges and these savings are passed on to tenants.

 Osprey Estate is in close proximity to main transport corridors, including:

  • The Port Motorway accessing the Gateway Motorway that connects to over 60% of the population of South East Queensland, and 
  • The south-side rail hub that supports local distribution and longer haul locations of regional North Queensland and Northern NSW.

  Osprey Estate warehouse floors and hardstand are built with high quality post-tension concrete slabs, reducing the need for repairs and maintenance and allowing for heavy goods at the site.

  Osprey Estate is zoned for hazardous goods and has flexibility to provide hazardous goods facilities.

 Move in immediately to one of our completed warehouses, or work with the landlord to deliver a purpose built facility designed to your spec.

 Osprey Estate is flexible in its lease terms relating to lease duration and warehouse size.