Changes to moving over-dimensional cargo

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has recently approved a new notice – theQueensland Class 3 Heavy Vehicle (Port of Brisbane Flat Rack and Open Top Container) Mass and Dimension Exemption Notice 2015 (no.1).

This notice authorises the transport of over-dimensional cargo on flat rack containers, and open-top containers on floats and low loaders, without the need for a permit. The notice applies only to Port of Brisbane roads on Fisherman Islands and Port Gate.

The dimension limits for vehicles and cargo authorised in the notice are:

  • width – maximum 5.5 metres
  • height – maximum 6.7 metres
  • length – maximum 35 metres.

The mass limits authorised in the notice depend on the type of float or low loader, the number and position of axles, and whether a dolly is being used. Irrespective, the Lucinda Drive overpass is restricted to vehicles with a maximum gross mass of 68 tonnes.

The notice and an information sheet can be found on the NHVR website.

Port of Brisbane News, (2015). Changes to moving over-dimensional cargo. [online] Available at: [Accessed 18 Dec. 2015].