Securing your peace of mind at Osprey Estate

At Osprey Estate we secure your peace of mind by keeping all associated sites under 24/7 video surveillance. In addition to our comprehensive camera coverage at the site, we also provide regular foot patrols by trained professional security guards.

As part of Osprey Estate’s security protocols, all visitors require clearance from the guard on duty located at the entrance to the estate. Security staff ensure that all documentation is in order and maintain comprehensive paper trails of access to Osprey Estate.

In a busy workplace it can be hard to ensure all staff, contractors and visitors obey safety and security protocols. We take on this responsibility by maintaining security as a priority at Osprey Estate, giving tenants peace of mind and freeing them up to focus on their business.

Our security team monitors all gates and critical areas with state of the art security cameras which adds to the already protected nature of Osprey Estate. These strict measures minimise the risk of security breaches and associated loss of inventory. To date, there have been no security breaches in the 4 years Group One Security has been operating at Osprey Estate.