Warehouse racking and storage at Osprey Estate

 Our warehouses at Osprey Estate are built to modern specifications and include post tension concrete slabs inside and outside each building

 Our warehouses have 10 metre high internal clearance, that gives prospective tenants the flexibility to implement a range of different racking systems to suit their individual needs

 Warehouse floors have also been designed to high standards ensuring the slabs are level to accommodate internal machinery that require smooth surfaces to operate

 In addition all warehouse floors have armoured slab joints to prevent wear and tear on the slab and on your machinery, as well as reducing OH&S risks to your business

 At Osprey Estate we can easily accommodate your preferred racking system, whether it is a system for large quantities of the same product or easy access to individual palettes

  All warehouses are designed to minimise internal columns, freeing up the largest possible floor area for racking or storage

  We are also available to work with you to discuss your racking needs and to assist you in selecting the optimal system for your business